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India's First Intentional Teaching Based Preschool Chain

We are Unique!!

Our Academic Head Speak

Our At-School Program is designed to instill independent learning, creative thinking & excellent communication skills to arm your children to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

Crayo Box Our USP

Crayo Box is a complete preschool experience that packs our decade-rich expertise in a theme-based hands-on monthly learning box, complete with virtual lessons and support to enable home learning.

Our Parent Speak

Our Branch Head Speak

Crayon'ites Parents showering their love and affection with The Crayons School

All our branches  have talented team to take care of all the needs of preschoolers 

Life @ The Crayons


Focus on
Foundational Literacy

Specific Focus on Phonics and Reading Readiness

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Holistic Multi-Sensory Development

Dedicated Activity Areas for Multi-Sensory Exploration

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World Class

Adult-Child Ratio

High Individual Attention with Adult-Child Ratio 1:8 

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Presonal Attention with Patience & Empathy

Intentional Teaching Based Teaching Methodologies

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Intentional Teaching Based Methodology

Personalised Learning Journey to Ensure Holistic Growth


Enhancing Creativity with Fun Activities

Engaging Activities for Holistic Development 

Associate Partners

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Parent Feedback

Parent's Feedback

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I am a working mother of 1.8 year child. Her name is Araina Agarwal. When she was 1.3 years, me and my husband decided to send her to a daycare to see and explore the world outside. 

In a very short span of time we decided to send Araina to 'The Crayons School' bcoz of their good management and skillful teachers. Till now my daughter's journey has been amazing and impressive. She has learnt many new things, activities, and is interacting with new person everyday in confidence. There is good change in his behaviour. 

This all happened because of the management and the teachers of the school. They take care of everything. Kudos to the management I am fully satisfied and happy that my child is in safe hands

Araina's Mom

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