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Pedagogy at The Crayons

Our Curriculum

The Crayons Pedagogy follows the concept of Intentional teaching through Crayons Rainbow Curriculum that ensures the holistic development of every child. The curriculum aims to develop- Intellectual abilities, Verbal & Linguistic, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Personal Awareness, Socio-Emotional Development, Individual Potential, and Intentional Teaching.


7 Intelligences

The driving principle of The Crayons Preschool pedagogy is Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which clearly identifies several bits of intelligence and preferences that human beings depend upon, to take in information and solve problems.

Core Pillars

Verbal & Linguistic 

This ensures our learners display a great capacity for words and language and have a good ability to remember in terms of communication, expression and presentation skills in early literacy through storytelling, picture reading, circle time, letters and words which expands their vocabulary.

Girl with Flower

Bodily Kinesthetic 

Focuses on the use of large muscle, small muscle groups, and whole-body movement to perform tasks like jumping, walking, balancing, crawling, running, and throwing. Our teaching aids are sticking, sorting, clay molding, coloring, and writing activities are used to enhance these skills.


Intellectual Abilities

The ability to find solutions, include learning, counting, understanding, problem-solving, logical reasoning, thinking, experimenting and remembering, sequencing.


Enhancing Creativity

We focus on a way of relating to children that embrace and build on their strengths, interests, ideas and needs. We cater to the methodology which allows children to be creative and express themselves by providing an array of experiences to build the child's foundation of knowledge.


Nurturing Individual Potential

Beyond teaching academics, we are fostering a child's Individual potential by focusing on their emotional skills, creativity, identity and overall well-being in every child.  Our curriculum give freedom to explore , express and open up their wings

Bucket & Spade

Socio-Emotional Development

We support children by building appropriate behaviors, giving effective praise, experience, regulate and express a range of emotions. Children are taught emotional and social skills that build values of friendship, sharing, caring and discussions, role-plays, and stage exposure. They naturally become intuitive while exploring their environment and learn.

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Personal Awareness

Our curriculum is designed to help children develop independence, safety, hygiene and self help skills. We focus on making the child aware of their body -how to navigate in space, personal care and routine. 

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