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Crayo Box is a complete learning experience that packs our decade-rich expertise in the form of a theme-based hands-on monthly learning box, complete with virtual lessons and expert support.

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5 Learning Dimensions

Activities and Worksheets in the Krayo Box are specifically designed to cater to key learning dimensions of the child.

Holistic Development, exposure to the school environment or not, is a necessity and should not be a luxury.

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7 Intelligences

The driving principle of The Crayons Preschool pedagogy is Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which clearly identifies several bits of intelligence and preferences that human beings depend upon, to take in information and solve problems.

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Why Children Love Us

  • Fun and engaging content that packs in a whole lot of wonder, discovery, and exploration.

  • Play-based hands-on activities and virtual content that appeals to every child.

  • Nothing beats the excitement around waiting for a new box to arrive and the joy of working on the activities with the parent


Why Parents Love Us

  • Applies learnings from 5+ years of implementing the Intentional Teaching with 1000+ children in our classrooms

  • The right learning inputs through a structured learning program aimed at making the child school-ready, and life-ready.

  • Fortnightly expert support from The Crayons to help parents navigate the program.

Subscription Plans

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