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Krayo Box

"Present-Day Problems in the post-Covid Era, require out of box solutions"

COVID-19 has changed how everyone interacts, from where we work to whom we see to how kids learn.


School used to be a time where students had to keep their devices in their backpacks and participate in classroom discussions and interactions. Now, the school has turned into something that is accessed almost entirely through a screen.


Children are getting more screen time than ever before. Which leaves many parents wondering, how much screen time is healthy?

The Crayons group has come with its unique offering of Krayo Box to enable employees to manage their work from home schedules. Krayo Box is designed for kids of the age group 2-6 years and helps them in developing their social, emotional, motor, communication, listening, creativity, and problem-solving skills by - ​

Excessive screen time may inhibit a child's ability to observe and experience the typical everyday activities they need to engage with to learn about the world, leading to a kind of “tunnel vision,” which can be detrimental to overall development.

The employees must be supported by the corporates to meet the learning needs of their kids during work from home which is the new normal in many industries. 

  • Scheduling dedicated playtime of parents with children - Children crave attention, and playtime promotes their cognitive, language, and social skills. We have created unique activities which help in creating a unique bond parenting in addition to their skill development.

  • Engaging in activities and building tangible skills - Many exciting activities are part of the Krayo box that can keep children active offline. 

  • Communication with their learning group - Social skills are very important in children. During these stressful times, they must communicate with their friends outside the screens. We have specific activities to help them build their social skills.

  • Learning from Stories - Scholars have found that stories strongly influence children’s understanding of cultural and gender roles. Stories do not just develop children’s literacy, they convey values, beliefs, attitudes, and social norms which, in turn, shape children’s perceptions of reality.

  • Other Physical Content - Students who read from a physical book are more likely to remember the information than otherwise. We provide physical content in form of books, activity sheets to supplement their learning.

  • Minimal and Safe Online Content- As per the American Optometric Association, children of the 2-5 age group should limit their online learning to 1 hour per weekday. The safe distance between screen and eyes should be five times the screen size.


We have ensured this by creating short content of 10-15 mins each which can be projected on TV. We look forward to discussing with you and position our unique program of Krayo Box for your employees.

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