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Director's Corner

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Every teacher dreams of shaping a child’s future in her own beautiful, special & creative way.

Well, here’s a teacher who has not only dreamt of it but has worked very hard and eventually has transformed her lifelong dreams into a shining reality. And in the process has made a wholesome difference by touching little lives; through a fun & innovative approach, by introducing the concept of “Intentional teaching”, at the pre-school level of education in India.

A renowned teacher & Founder Director at The Crayons school, Bharat Shiksha Ratan Awardee, Mrs. Mousumi Sinha, is considered India’s leading pioneer in the field of early education.

Based in Noida, The Crayons School is India’s first chain of unique pre-school groups, believing in making education an interesting way of life for a child. The school itself is an extension of Mousumi's belief system, of making sure that education is all about creating an interesting and uplifting journey for every child, and making them a self-driven personality by nurturing them in a very loving way.

“After spending almost fifteen years in the field of early education, I felt that there was a need to think differently. While the world today is moving very fast, I realized that we are still focused on the old-school methods of teaching. That’s how we conceptualized the unique and new-gen model of teaching curriculum "The Crayons Rainbow" that follows the methodology of Intentional Teaching." 

The Crayons School is the first Pre School chain in the country to follow the concept of Intentional Teaching and also working on the digitalization of the preschool curriculum under the able guidance of Mrs. Mousumi Sinha. The Crayons Group is aggressively working towards expanding its footprint in Pan India and bringing the change in preschool education of the country with its unique child-centric methodologies.


Mrs Mousumi Sinha

Founder and Managing Director

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